Know Your Credit Risk Profile
Do you know whether you are a good, excellent, average or poor credit Risk? Your credit score has a lot to do with it.   Your Credit Profile Knowing your credit risk score and profile is important. However, while the credit bureau report and rating is important, your credit worthiness is usually not based solely on it, other key areas are evaluated.  For example the credit score does not take into
consideration your; age, income, life style, stability as to where you live, how long you lived at the same address, your employment history, the type of work you do, your assets or your net worth. It also does not take into account any mitigating circumstances that may have contributed to the delinquency or derogatory information being reported to the credit bureau.  

These are all very important issues that could have a significant impact on your credit
worthiness.The Matrix below includes some basic information to help you assess your Credit Risk
Profile.  However, it is only a guide, as each organization has there own internal evaluation
criteria and process for assessing credit risk, and there are a number of other very important
factors that are looked at in determining credit worthiness, that are not addressed in the

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