Who Needs A Financial Coach?
You Do. You need guidance to achieve success in your endeavors and your financial growth and development is no exception. Coaching is a common element in our lives. Anyone who provides guidance and counsel, a parent, friend, teacher, or mentor is acting as your coach, although you may not view it as such.
Some of the most famous and talented individuals including Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Bill Gates, J. Paul Getty, and Bill Clinton would not have achieved their personal goals and objectives without the help of advisers, mentors or coaches. Therby, demonstrating, that effective coaching is an essential ingredient for success.

Since coaching is essential to your success, you can benefit from The FNGroup financial  coaches, who are committed to helping you climb the ladder to financial success.

The duties and responsibilities of a FNGroup Financial Coach include:  

Assisting in the development of achievable financial goals and objectives.

Assisting in the development and implementation of action plans designed to accomplish

your goals and objectives.

Providing advice, guidance, assistance, and encouragement, to facilitate the accomplishment

of your financial goals and objectives.

The FNGroup will find you a suitable financial coach to help you:

  • Attain your financial goals and objectives.
    • Prepare a financial budget and/or a plan.
    • Through an overwhelming financial situations or issues.
    • Manage your debt and/or restructure your finances.
    • Identify appropriate financial products and services.
    • Build and maintain a diversified investment portfolio.  
    • Understand the implications of current economic events and market conditions.   
    • Identify appropriate seminars, workshops and programs to attend.
    • Facilitate your financial growth and development.
    • Our Financial Development Program has three distinct levels: Club, Olympian and
    • Professional.  At the Club level, a member can advance from Novice, to Intermediate, to an
    • Advance status based on assets in their portfolio, and at the Olympian level, a member can
    • advance from Bronze, to Silver up to Gold.  While, the Professional level is designed for
    • members with a portfolio that is valued over $250,000.

Please see the Financial Development section for more information on the programs.

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